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Helpful Tips


Carefully placed lighting can open one’s eyes the the real beauty of your home. It also makes your home a safer place to settle down for the evening. Before you choose the fixtures, think about the “look” you want to go with.

  • Take a drive through a neighborhood at night to find different ways that people have used landscape lighting to light their properties. Take note of which you really like. What is the focal point they are using? What is the effect I want to create? The focus should be your home, but which details? Often times, it’s the entrance. This allows guests to be “directed” to a welcoming front door. Then, other details of your property can be highlighted. Spill lighting will usually illuminate the walkways.
  • By lighting trees, shrubs and flowers, their color, form and texture is brought out in a beautiful way.
  • Lighting other features of your home such as a deck, porch, pool, yard, or patios create wonderful spaces for entertaining. Space you never realized you had before.
  • After you’ve thought these things through, you can determine how many lights you need and where they’ll go.

Lighting Terms

When researching landscape lighting, you may hear any of the terms below. It’s helpful to know exactly what they mean!

Accent or Spot Lighting

  • Lighting a controlled strong beam to highlight the focal points in your garden. This creates sparkling islands of interest in a landscape lighting plan.


  • Lighting upwards  to create a dramatic effect. It can be used to light anything from unique trees, statues, or architectural details of your home.


  • Lighting units mounted high in trees to simulate the charming effect of moonlight filtering through branches.


  • Lighting an object from the front and below to project interesting and intriguing shadows on any vertical surface.


  • Concealing lights behind and below a stationary object such as a tree or bush.  This achieves a magical effect similar to seeing an image on a ridge silhouetted against the sky at dusk.

Cross Lighting

  • Lighting an object from multiple angles to reveal a multi-dimensional form.